Telegram Community Definition: Disposable Identities

The Disposable ID acts as a pseudonymous ID and consent, accompanying every data exchange and hardcoding the values of the GDPR.

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From earlier discussions in the Twinds Foundation.

‘As you learnt to read and write with ABC; society as we know it – what we accept as normal  – is built according to rules expressed primarily through language.  Rules written down through generations and within institutions established in the age of the book, yet with gatekeepers controlling the pace and content, defined the role that education would play in building an understanding of both the language and the rules of governance.

In our age of Internet, AI, blockchain and IoT these gatekeepers have to change their role in much closer cooperation with individuals and self organizing groups. A new balance between centralization and decentralization and anonymity, privacy and accountability is emerging around the notion of ‘identity’. 

An SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) and the potential to spin off hundreds of temporary, local, and purpose only smart contracts (identities) with very specific other parties, is the core of Disposable ID. It allows nothing less than proving ownership or shareholding in a contract at the endpoint. Yet from that endpoint involvement cannot be traced back to its origin, fully compliant to GDPR.

When data exchanges are accompanied by a GDPR consent, encoded as a Verifiable Claim, the legitimate use of that data can be proven. Anyone not being able to provide this proof will effectively be in breach of GDPR law.’