Why is the debate on Identity happening now and why is it so important? The classical tools and theories of the international political economy and diplomacy were the product of and well suited for the analogue world, where old strategies built on… Read More
Loretta Anania, Gaëlle Le Gars, Rob van Kranenburg Abstract: Many smart contract applications - or more precisely blockchain-based digital ledger technologies (DLTs) proliferate. And yet, without accounting for the identity dimension and the… Read More
EDITORS: KAILI, EVA, PSARRAKIS, DIMITRIOS (EDS.) "This book provides a coherent Blockchain framework for the business community, governments, and universities structured around microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, and political economy and… Read More
Reflow: Zero Knowledge Multi Party Signatures with Application to Distributed Authentication Denis Roio, Alberto Ibrisevic, Andrea D'Intino Reflow is a novel signature scheme supporting unlinkable signatures by multiple parties authenticated by… Read More
We tie the Smart Cities concept to the On-Life human-centered vision. The need to provide citizen-focused empowering visions of smart cities planning and development is very much needed, especially when a post-COVID environment requires urban growth… Read More
Do You Possess A Disposable Identity? [Article Published Under Beta Conditions - Open Edits Pending]  Since the very beginning of your life, your Identity as a Human entity on this planet has been construed as an asset. Perhaps not by you, at least… Read More
COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATES IN THE FORM OF VERIFIABLE CREDENTIALS (VCS) ETSI ISG E4P ad hoc meeting 4.02.2021  Petros Kavassalis: Create a European privacy-friendly and technology efficient (i.e., decentralized) proposition for the management… Read More
The Object Management Group is exploring potential issues and opportunities for standardization across the world of distributed ledger (DLT) and Blockchain ecosystems. One area of interest is ‘self-sovereign’ identity (SSID), where we see potential… Read More
Disposable Yet Official Identities (DYOI) for Privacy-Preserving System Design - The case of COVID-19 digital document verification and credential-based access control in ad hoc outdoor and indoor settings (and beyond)Petros Kavassalis; Nikos… Read More
We are paraphrasing this entire argument, taken from the book of Paul Du Gay *In Praise of Bureaucracy, (Sage, 2000)  as we think it is an important explanation as to why identity has become such an important topic, the  key to transform the model… Read More
This article was jointly written by Rob van Kranenburg, Lorna Goulden, Hans Vanmechelen, Jef Vanbockryck, Jari Isohanni and Kai Hermsen   Disposable ID - a new trust- and privacy-based-approach for Health Certificates on SARS-CoV-2 The following… Read More
  ORGANISATION/COMPANY University of the Aegean(UoA)  RESEARCH FIELD Computer science Information science Mathematics RESEARCHER PROFILE First Stage Researcher (R1)  Recognised Researcher (R2)  APPLICATION DEADLINE 11… Read More