We are the Disposable Identity as a Service Foundation io

The Disposable ID acts as a pseudonymous ID and consent (preserving the values of the GDPR without the need to rely on its remedies ) travels with every data exchange. When all data exchanges are accompanied by a GDPR consent, encoded as Verifiable Claim, the legitimate use of that  data can be proved. Anyone not being able to provide this proof will effectively be in breach of GDPR law.

Contact the Steering Group

  • Jef Vanbockryck jef at rezonanz.com
  • Rob van Kranenburg rvk at theinternetofthings.eu
  • Christian Nold christian at softhook.com
  • Mirko Ross m.ross at digital-worx.de
  • Jari Isohanni jari.isohanni at upcode.fi

We are fully aware of the total gender imbalance that in no way reflects the team that is actually working on it now.

The Steering Group is moving its work into a Stichting/Foundation according to Belgian law. The gender balance in the Board, RvB is 50-50%.

The research on Identity was investigated in workshops in, NGI Move and NGI Forward.