The Moxy Tongue: Do You Possess A Disposable Identity? (2010)

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Do You Possess A Disposable Identity?
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Since the very beginning of your life, your Identity as a Human entity on this planet has been construed as an asset. Perhaps not by you, at least not materially, but to systems which you may try to think about as little as possible, your identity is the prime asset of your existence. And it is managed every day, in every little way possible.


You are now a self-Sovereign asset on someone else's ledger, have you taken account of this shift? Are you a willing data slave... or just an ignorant one? How much value do you give to your public Identity? Facebook is not evil because of its ambition or because of the nature of its efforts. In fact, I applaud the developers who have worked hard in very intelligent ways to contribute the tool that is Facebook to the world. There is no doubt that it holds tremendous value. Facebook however has exposed the greatest of Human problems, and is for this reason pursuing a fools errand if allowed to be constructed under present Terms. 


...This means a complete systemic change. Why? Because in order for You to be You, Inc. currently, an administrative process must be inaugerated whereby your Identity is defined as an Asset, and you are defined as an Owner of that Asset value. This action can not happen post-citizenship. You, Inc. is a pre-citizenship event. ...

 Corporations hold more power than people. Tools have been made more powerful than people. Its time to fix that. Not by taking power away from our tools, but by giving power to ourselves. We are the reason, we are the purpose, we are how everything good and meaningful happens. Its time to be accountable and own Human opportunity. Its time to Own Yourself.

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Posted 23rd April 2010 by Moxy Tongue